Saturday, August 2, 2008

We are still alive!!

Hello everyone!
Ok, get out your maps of the US. Put one finger on Fairplay, CO. Now go clear to the Kansas/Missouri border--the southeast corner. We're in Pittsburg, a few miles West of the border. That's a long ways away since our last post!

Dave finally got better, thank goodness. We were going to take it easy but we know that Morgan is at home in Portland, waiting for this update on his fancy new phone and we just couldn't bring ourselves to disappoint him so we started riding like crazy and did 380 miles in 4 days. It was awesome.
We didn't get the tail wind we were hoping for but it was ok. Then something crazy happened. Dave got a flat tire, which really isn't that crazy but when we went to fix the tire it turned out that he had actually WORN HOLES in the tire--not the tube--the actual tire. So we patched it up as best we could but nothing was really working and we were wasting tubes and it was quite evident that what we really needed was a new tire. Eventually, and with a little help we made it to Elaine and Dan's Bicycle Oasis B&B in Bazine, KS where we were planning on the staying the night. It was here that we met two really neat Irishmen name Dathai and Cormac. They had an extra tire which they sold us. I got to pet a calf that was less than day old and Elaine cooked an incredible meal for all of us cyclists.

In the morning we headed out with Dathai and Cormac because they were going east, like us, but not on the TransAm. The four of us all got along so incredibly well and we were having so much fun that Dave and I decided to ditch our route and continue on with the Irish boys. We biked with them for three days, making great food, drinking beer and having so much fun. We got completely soaked one day, the most rain we've seen on this trip. We just had a really good time and we were so sad when we had to part.

Once again Dave and I were on our own, pedaling through Kansas when something terrible happened. No, it wasn't the stomach flu or worn out tires or even bad gas station food. It was the K-BURN!! The K-Burn, you're wondering? What on earth is that? Well, I'll tell you. It's the most awful combination of temperatures in excess of 100 degrees paired with 50% or more humidity. It's basically the worse thing ever. I hate biking in the heat. So, we've been doing what seasoned cyclists call "The Night Rider" which is exactly what it sounds like. We wake up at 1am, eat breakfast and hit the road, covered head to toe in blinking lights and reflective gear. Extreme, I know, but necessary.

That's all for now. We'll upload some images when we get to Clarksville, TN.
Catie + Dave


Kendal said...

WOW this is a great update. I love following you guys on your adventures like this, from the comfort and chocolate of my own (boyfriend's parents') home. Keep up the hard work and good times, night riders!
by the way, why is it called K-burn?

Tim K said...

that's totally badass. You guys are cycle soldiers. glad to hear dave is done pooping his pants day and night. sounds like you had a pretty sweet detour. why do they call it K-burn? sounds like something nasty. anyhow, miss you guys. gimme a call if you ever get the chance. keep up the good work.


Asta and Blair said...

Heyas! Nice job on the mileage!!! You guys are kicking ass! I'm glad to hear that you are both feeling better!!! It's exciting to read your post about places we have been too! The heat and humidity has been killing me as well. The humidity gets a little better after MO. And don't be discouraged by the Ozarks, there are like two really tough days then the rest is not nearly as bad....and the appalachians aren't too terrible either. We are in Lexington VA and will be going over Vesuvius (I'm sure you've probably heard of its steepness) tomorrow. Its hard to believe we will be done by Thursday!!!! Best of luck to you both!

Maya said...

Okay, so the rumors were true - about wearing down tires and booking across Colorado and Kansas. Man, you guys are something else. I'm just so sorry that the stomach flu got in your way at all - but it also adds to the story (spoken from someone who didn't have to live through it). Go, go, go!!!! You know this isn't something I would usually say, but you guys seriously kick ass! Wow.

jbarinaga said...

How awesome are you! You guys are hotter than the K-Burn. I'm in awe of the physical extremes you guys have gone through. Thanks so much for the update. Love! Melissa

Jen said...

Rock on Sistah!

Keep burning through those tired!

Mike said...

Good to hear you're still at it.

Chad said...

GO DAVE! glad to read you guys are still trucking away! cant wait to hear all about the trip man have a safe rest of a trip!

Ben said...

Super rad you two.
Just did a little 4 day tour, and I am half envious of your two month bike trip. Seems rough. But even more rewarding. Keep on truckin', youre getting there!